Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Developing thin portable electronic devices?

Sometimes your device design takes you to places where your rechargeable battery need to be THIN. So thin that traditional metal canned Lithium ion cylindrical or prismatic cells are just too thick if you are to meet the demands of your market.

This is when Lithium ion polymer cells (or laminated pouch cells to use a more accurate name) and our battery design and manufacturing expertise can provide a slender battery solution that does everything you need it to.

Lithium ion polymer cells use basically the same electrode and seperator materials as traditional Lithium ion LiCO2 cells but the rigid metal can is replaced by a metal/polymer pouch which is laminated under heat and pressure. These cells are ideal where a battery needs to be THIN. The pouch packaging and laminating techniques also allow Lithium ion polymer cells to be created with a large footprint - making them ideal for portable electronic devices where the battery needs to be embedded behind the screen of the device (for reference just walk into any apple store from London to Shanghai and pick any portable device).

Lithium Polymer Cell

Whereas embedded Lithium ion polymer batteries may be ideal for relatively short lived consumer products, professional devices still tend to use a removeable battery allowing multiple batteries to be used in a single shift or to facilitate ease of battery replacement which may occur many times over the useful life of the device.

Accutronics are experts in the development and manufacture of removable Lithium Ion polymer batteries for professional applications and have produced outstanding products for medical, security and portable electronic applications where high energy density and a slender profile are key specification parameters.

If you are developing a professional portable electronic device and think that a thin Lithium Ion Polymer battery might take your product development to places you never thought possible please contact us to discuss further.

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