Tuesday, 31 July 2012

NJ1020HP is still trending :-)

The Inspired Energy NJ1020HP was designed many years ago when Nickel Metal Hydride batteries were the norm and Lithium ion technology was just getting off the ground. The NJ1020HP is used in Phillips M3 and M4 (M3046A) patient monitors and continues to provides outstanding performance for these devices. It continues to be extremely popular worldwide.

As the sole distributor of the wide range of inspired Energy standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories we always hold stock of the NJ1020HP here in the UK and can ship worldwide to hospitals, health authorities and medical accessory distributors. If you need a quotation then please email sales@accutronics.co.uk and we will be happy to help.  

By the way, if you don't recognise the part number NJ1020HP, then the battery is also known by the following OEM part numbers. 
  • 1420-0551
  • M3046-61302
  • 453563332751


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

NH2054 is smaller and lighter than its stablemates

The Inspired Energy NH2054 Lithium Ion Smart battery is proving to be a real star compared to other established 14.4V stablemates such as the NL2024 and NL2044.
To understand why this is, you need to go back a few years to when the NL2024 and NL2044 were introduced. They were launched with the latest 2.2Ah Lithium ion cells and with twelve of them configured in a 4 Series, 3 Parallel configuration, storing a massive 95Wh in a relatively small space.

Later, international transportation regulations were introduced that imposed a glass ceiling at 100Wh with any Lithium ion battery >100Wh having to be shipped as class 9 dangerous goods. Class 9 shipping makes transportation far more complex and expensive for manufacturers and OEMs alike and is to be avoided where possible.

The NL2024 and NL2044 were therefore limited to using 2.2Ah cells as any increase in capacity would raise them above the 100Wh limit.

However, cell capacities have increased, and cells are now available at 3.1Ah and 3.4Ah cells are coming very soon.

This has brought the Inspired Energy 8 cell models to the fore. Configured with 4 cells in series and 2 in parallel - providing 89.3Wh when using 3.1Ah cells and 97.9Wh when the 3.4Ah cells are introduced they do the same job as their older stable mates but with far more style!

What does this mean to OEMs? - Well for a start, these new eight cell batteries are around 33% lighter than the 12 cells models - they are also 32% lower in volume.  - this allows OEMS to make their products lighter and smaller - something that gives any portable device manufacture a competitive advantage.

As the sole distributor for the wide range of Inspired Energy standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories we are pleased to be offer all of the products in the range - but we know that the NH2054 is going to be the product of choice when OEMs look to design the next generation of power hungry portable equipment.

The NH2054HD31 is currently in stock at Accutronics and is ready to ship. If you need your NH2054 with a custom label or custom firmware then please talk to us about your exact requirements.