Friday, 20 January 2012

I need a smart battery charger that will work in a car! - HELP!

For heavy users of batteries the need to charge them is paramount. It is true to say that if you are a professional user of portable electronic equipment you will want lots of charged batteries around so you can complete your job - especially if you are away from a mains electricity supply.

For customers who buy the range of Inspired Energy standard smart batteries there is an ideal solution with the CH7000 charger that can accept a 10-24V input - this means that you can charge any of the Inspired Energy standard smart batteries from your car cigarette lighter socket - ideal for professionals on the move, on building sites, out in the desert, in a field or doing geological surveys of active volcanoes (yes, these batteries get used everywhere).

The CH7000 uses clever circuitry that allows it to harvest power from virtually any power source within the 10V-24V range, including solar cells, wind generators etc. It even steps the voltage up and down so it can use a 12V input and charge a battery requesting 16.8V - clever eh!?  Of course the CH7000 also comes with a regular 60W desktop supply so you can plug it into the mains when you get back to base.

Accutronics is the sole distributor for the wide range of standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories from Inspired Energy. If you need a CH7000 then please visit our website. If you want a copy of our catalogue then please drop me an email.


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