Thursday, 27 September 2012

Präsentation eines Multi-Lithiumionen-Akkusystems für medizinische und industrielle Anwendungen auf der Electronica 2012

Accutronics, ein britisches Unternehmen, das Akkus entwirft, entwickelt und herstellt, wird das Intelligent Power Vault™, ein Multi-Lithiumionen-Akkusystem für medizinische und industrielle Anwendungen, auf der Electronica 2012 in München vorstellen. Sie finden das Unternehmen in Halle B2 an Stand 353 auf der Messe, die vom 13. bis 16. November 2012 stattfindet.

Accutronics wird auch seine kompakten, kreditkartengroßen Akkus und die Inspired-Energy-Akkureihe, die standardmäßige intelligente Akkus, Ladegeräte und Zubehörteile umfasst, ausstellen. Beispiele der kundenspezifischen Spezialbatterien und Ladegeräte, die das Unternehmen für OEMs in den Bereichen Medizin, Verteidigung und tragbare Elektronik herstellt, werden ebenfalls am Stand zu sehen sein.

Intelligent Power VaultTM (IPV) ist ein neues Akkussystem, das zur Stromversorgung von Geräten im medizinischen und industriellen Bereich verwendet werden kann, wo eine hohe Energiedichte, Zuverlässigkeit und Funktionalität wichtige Anforderungen sind.

Das in Konfigurationen von 126 Wh bis 1,42 kWh erhältliche IPV bezieht die Leistung aus mehreren intelligenten 63-Wh- oder 89-Wh-VR420-Lithiumionen-Akkus, die in das innovative Rack-System des IPV eingesetzt werden. Das Akkusystem liefert je nach Kundenwunsch entweder nicht stabilisierten oder geregelten Gleichstrom.

Das IPV liefert auch eine Vielzahl wichtiger Akkudaten an Host-Ausrüstung über seine USB- und seriellen Schnittstellen. Damit ist sichergestellt, dass Daten wie die verbleibende Laufzeit genau und effizient gemeldet werden.

Die kreditkartengroßen Akkus von Accutronics verfügen über ein aktives elektronisches Schutzsystem, das eine Überladung, übermäßige Entladung sowie Kurzschlüsse verhindert. Sie erfüllen international anerkannte Sicherheits- und Transportstandards. Sowohl das IPV als auch die kreditkartengroßen Akkus fallen nicht unter die Gefahrgutverordnung, so dass ein kostengünstiger und einfacher Transport möglich ist.

Das Intelligent Power Vault VR420 und die kreditkartengroßen Akkus sind Beispiele von Produkten, die Accutronics als Standardlösungen liefern kann. „Das reduziert den mit der Entwicklung und den vorgeschriebenen Tests verbundenen Zeit- und Kostenaufwand, so dass Kunden ihre Geräte schneller auf den Markt bringen können,“ erklärt Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager.

Für Kunden, die eine völlig maßgeschneiderte Akkulösung benötigen, stellt Accutronics eine breite Palette von Akkus aus, die für weltweit führende Geräte-OEMs entwickelt wurden.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Batteries & Fuel Cells Seminar

Accutronics has again partnered with Shmuel De-Leon Energy to provide a two day 'Batteries and Fuel Cells' training seminar on the 9th and 10th of April 2013. Mr De-Leon is a world expert on both batteries and fuel cells and will travel from Israel specifically to deliver this seminar, which had previously been delivered in Europe and the USA. The seminar will be held at the Best Western Moat House hotel in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The seminar provides a comprehensive review of current and future electrochemical energy sources. It covers cells and raw material selection, design, manufacturing, testing, safety, transportation and disposal of energy sources. The seminar programme focuses on present and future needs of portable and stationary electrochemical energy sources and highlights the latest technological developments. primary, rechargeable, reserve, commercial, industrial and military batteries, fuel cells, ultra capacitor systems and their accessories.

Special focus is given to battery design and testing, which are vital tools for battery solutions. The seminar program also reviews the updated status of battery air transportation restrictions and instructs on the safe transport of batteries according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations.
Shmuel De-Leon is a leading international expert in the business of power sources. Prior to founding his company, Shmuel held various positions for over 20 years as a power sources, engineering and quality control team manager. Shmuel holds a BSc. in mechanical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA in quality control and reliability engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa as well as an electronic technician's diploma. Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd provides unique tools for the energy sources industry, such as its energy sources database, battery and fuel cells seminars, energy source solutions, industry news weekly newsletter, and consultation services.

The price for the seminar is just £499 but we are offering an early bird discount to those who register by the 1st of March 2013 paying just £449.

For those wishing to sponsor the event we are offering packages where you can display your company products and literature for just £400 and receive a 10% discount on the seminar fee. 

Download the seminar program and registration information by visiting our website

To register for the event, arrange a hotel booking or to simply find out more please contact Melissa Whitfield on +44 (0) 1782 566688 or email

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Multi battery Lithium Ion system for medical and industrial applications launches at Electronica 2012

UK battery design, development and manufacturing company Accutronics is set to launch the Intelligent Power Vault™, a Lithium Ion multi-battery power system for medical and industrial applications at Electronica 2012 in Munich, Germany. The company can be found in hall B2 on stand 353 at the show, which runs from November 13-16.

Accutronics will also showcase its compact credit card sized batteries and the Inspired Energy battery range of standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories. Also on the stand will be examples of the specialist custom batteries and chargers that the company creates for OEMs in medical, defence and portable electronics markets.

IPV to be unveiled at Electronica
Intelligent Power Vault™ (IPV) is a new battery system that can be used to power medical and industrial devices when high energy density, reliability and functionality are critical requirements.

Available in configurations between 126Wh and 1.42kWh, each IPV draws power from multiple 63Wh or 89Wh VR420 Lithium-Ion smart batteries, which are inserted into the IPV's innovative racking system. DC power is available either as raw battery voltage or regulated to suit customer requirements.

The IPV also provides a wealth of vital battery data to its host equipment via its USB and serial interfaces - ensuring that data such as remaining runtime is reported accurately and efficiently.

Accutronics’ credit card sized batteries, come with an active electronic protection system that makes them resistant to over-charging, over-discharging and short-circuit. Meeting internationally recognised standards for safety and transportation. Both the IPV and the credit cards sized are exempt from Dangerous Goods shipping regulations, minimising the cost and complexity of freighting.

The Intelligent Power Vault VR420 and credit card batteries are examples of products that Accutronics have available as standard solutions. “This reduces the time and cost associated with development and regulatory testing meaning customers get their devices to market faster,” said Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager.”

For customers who require a completely bespoke battery solution, Accutronics will be showcasing a wide range of batteries developed for some of the world’s leading device OEMs.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Unhappy with your current battery technology? Find out how Accutronics can help...

Many OEMs manufacture battery powered equipment which was state-of-the-art when developed but is now seen as too heavy, not  running long enough, taking too long to charge or not being environmentally friendly. This is no surprise when you consider that OEM devices in professional markets often have an active life-cycle of up to fifteen years and spares and aftermarket support can carry on even longer.

In many circumstances the device itself may go through a mid-life refresh to update the embedded technologies on a tried and tested mechanical platform that users are familiar with. This is the ideal opportunity for the OEM to update the battery technology and provide users with real benefits that will persuade them to abandon their old device and buy a new one.

This is where Accutronics can help! We are experts in the development and manufacture of rechargeable batteries using the latest cell chemistries. We have helped numerous OEMs to upgrade existing battery designs, providing longer runtimes, ease of recycling, fuel gauging, external visual state of charge indication, lower weight, increased robustness and reduced cost.

For example, an Accutronics OEM customer had a tried and tested battery that used Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cell technology in a medical application. We were able to increase the energy density of the battery (both gravimetrically and volumetrically) by introducing Lithium Ion (LiIon) cell technology. This change gave the end user a 40% longer device runtime which allowed them to work a whole shift without charging. Accutronics also added smart battery functionality and fuel gauging so the customer's device could communicate with the battery and provide the user with accurate runtime information. We also helped the customer upgrade their charger from a dumb constant current unit to a smart programmable charger that would charge both the new and old batteries. This customer was able to successfully re-launch their product to the market boasting 'significant battery improvements' that increased their sales and gave new life to an established device platform.

If you are considering an upgrade to a battery design or even planning a totally new product then please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Developing thin portable electronic devices?

Sometimes your device design takes you to places where your rechargeable battery need to be THIN. So thin that traditional metal canned Lithium ion cylindrical or prismatic cells are just too thick if you are to meet the demands of your market.

This is when Lithium ion polymer cells (or laminated pouch cells to use a more accurate name) and our battery design and manufacturing expertise can provide a slender battery solution that does everything you need it to.

Lithium ion polymer cells use basically the same electrode and seperator materials as traditional Lithium ion LiCO2 cells but the rigid metal can is replaced by a metal/polymer pouch which is laminated under heat and pressure. These cells are ideal where a battery needs to be THIN. The pouch packaging and laminating techniques also allow Lithium ion polymer cells to be created with a large footprint - making them ideal for portable electronic devices where the battery needs to be embedded behind the screen of the device (for reference just walk into any apple store from London to Shanghai and pick any portable device).

Lithium Polymer Cell

Whereas embedded Lithium ion polymer batteries may be ideal for relatively short lived consumer products, professional devices still tend to use a removeable battery allowing multiple batteries to be used in a single shift or to facilitate ease of battery replacement which may occur many times over the useful life of the device.

Accutronics are experts in the development and manufacture of removable Lithium Ion polymer batteries for professional applications and have produced outstanding products for medical, security and portable electronic applications where high energy density and a slender profile are key specification parameters.

If you are developing a professional portable electronic device and think that a thin Lithium Ion Polymer battery might take your product development to places you never thought possible please contact us to discuss further.